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Policy & Statements

Sanken Overseas as a team is committed to provide quality products (Civil Engineering projects) and services in Sri Lanka and overseas, which meet or exceed the requirements and expectations at an affordable price to all clients ensuring stakeholders and clients satisfaction of all Civil Engineering projects. This is achieved by monitoring of all processes with the support of valuable suppliers, sub-contractors and by compliance of International and National supply chain legislations ensuring harmony with the employees, stakeholders and the environment.

By encouraging and enabling culture, we promote creativity, innovation and knowledge management to continually improve process outputs and outcomes. Actively pursue quality improvements through programs that enable each employee to do their job right the first time and every time.

High quality is an integrated part of SOPLs management System. Our Quality Management System documents the coordination of processes within our Organisation.

We always focus on our clients and the corporation between our customers, clients, suppliers, stakeholders (Both internal and External) and employees.

Any quality deviations will be registered and dealt with through our Quality Management System to avoid any recurrence.

Uses the Quality Policy in establishing Quality Objectives and assists in continual improvement

We are committed to effective implementation of our HSE Policy and to continual improvement in our HSE performance.

We are determined to achieve “Zero Lost Time Injuries”. Our firm belief is that all injuries can be prevented. Responsibility starts with each one of us. As such we will consult with our employees and relevant stakeholders in decisions that will affect the health & safety aspect of our workplace.

We care for the environment. We are committed to the efficient use of resources, preventing pollution and reducing the environmental impact of our operations and products. In order to achieve our goals in these regard we,

  • Provide adequate control of health safety & Environment risks arising from its activities in relation to employees, contractors, clients, learners, the public and other third parties.
  • Clearly define responsibility and accountability & Set measurable targets.
  • Use internal and external expertise as required.
  • Regularly monitor and report publicly on our progress.
  • Develop, implement and maintain management standards and systems.
  • Comply with relevant industry standards and legal requirements.
  • Identify asses and manage our HSE risk.
  • Provide HSE training to all our employees.
  • Disseminate HSE information to all our stakeholders.
  • Consult and engage our stakeholders to facilitate shared responsibility for meeting the goals of our HSE Policy

To create “A safe and healthy construction workplace” Therefore, we embrace the Following fundamental beliefs

  • The health and safety of people are valued above everything else.
  • All occupational injuries and illnesses can be prevented.
  • Excellence in safety is compatible with excellence in other business parameters such as quality, productivity and profitability; they are mutually supportive. Healthy employees with safe working practice have a positive impact on all operations, and enhance customer credibility in the community.
  • Safety must be made an integral part of everything we do.
  • Good safety is mainly the result of attitudes and beliefs of people. Most injuries and unsafe incidents occur because of inattention. People take risks and allow others to take risks because they believe they will not get hurt.

We strive to enhance a positive Occupational Health and Safety culture by providing programs and services that comply with the highest international standards and best practices where employees work together to reduce the human & financial impacts associated with workplace accidents & injuries